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The cost of £550 plus VAT is not just for the unit. This is an end to end service which submits the installation of this install as a new retrofit project. It has to be overseen by a TrustMark Scheme provider; a Retrofit Designer will have to manage the project which means a significant amount of fees which we pay on your behalf.

Each unit has a 10 year warranty (5 years from the manufacturer and 5 years supported by PAS Safe Solutions) and each unit comes with a 10 year Insurance Backed Guarantee. Finally, we deliver the entire process in line with the requirements of Part C Building Regulations. Therefore, the cost isn’t really for a ventilation unit: it’s for a complete turnkey PAS Compliant Process which we deliver on your behalf.

PAS Safe Solutions have a number of these units in stock but these are expected to run out very quickly. Because of the worldwide shortage in key components, deliveries are expected from June onwards and will continue through July and August 2022. We strongly urge that you place an order as soon as you can as all orders will be delivered on a strict first come basis.

We are hoping that installs which have been remediated prior to September 2022 can still be claimed in ECO 3 – discussions are ongoing on this. If we have any doubt that installs will not succeed after a certain date the programme of selling for ECO3 measures will be shut down. The units will continue to sell through the ECO 3 transition period and into ECO 4 at a lower price because we won’t need to provide the full turnkey process we have outlined.

In certain underfloor areas, the single unit will not provide sufficient airflow either because of size of the underfloor space or because of the way the ducting will need to be configured. Often, the ducting will need to be extended too far for the unit to provide the number of effective air changes per hour. Our ventilation experts will take this into account in the overall design and in these cases may say a 2nd (or more) unit will be required. This will be in rare instances. Subsequent machines will be charged at £300 plus delivery, ducting and VAT.

We will provide a certificate of compliance for each successful install which you can provide to your energy company funder or other funding provider. We will share details of the serial numbers sold to you. Anyone claiming to have installed an MEV ECO product without this certificate is unlikely to get the fail overturned.

There are a number of reasons. To start with, finding a suitable, proven ventilation unit with the right size to fit into most underfloor insulation situations might prove difficult. Furthermore, whatever unit you choose has to prove the requisite number of airflow changes per hour as will be specified in the upcoming amendment to the BEIS Guidance on Underfloor Insulation. Our MEV ECO product provides the technical characteristics required to fulfil the requirements of Building Regulations – Part F and therefore PA2030: 2019. Buying a unit in the hope that it will work is probably not going to get any fails overturned.

What we’re selling is a complete turnkey solution supported by a Trustmark Scheme provider, professional ventilation design experts, a 10 year warranty, an Insurance Backed Guarantee and lodged by a Retrofit Coordinator. It’s a complete solution rather than installing a ventilation device and hoping for the best.

PAS Safe Solutions are a complete ECO Solutions provider closely affiliated with ECO looking to support the UK’s ECO installers with whatever products and solutions they need to get ECO done well. Have a look around our website for more information. The launch of the MEV ECO solution is as much a statement of intent for how we want to be seen in ECO – creating workable, successful solutions for problems in ECO where the clients working with know that we can deliver when it comes to creating compliant installations in a complex market-place and one that is subject to a great deal of change. Watch this space for other product launches over the coming months!

What our clients have to say

“PAS Safe are a key element of our delivery team. The right products, at the right prices with the very best service and technical support. PAS Safe have been there every step of the way in our success in ECO…”

“My main observation is that they’re always looking for new ideas to support us installers working on the front line. You can’t say that about all the people who provide materials for this industry.”

“The service and customer first approach is ten out of ten. I’ve got my own dedicated Account Manager who does everything I need for me to get my job done which is a great help.”

“PAS Safe Solutions are an essential part of our business.”

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