Harnitek Combi Packages

Exceptional Efficiency

Harnitek R32 Heat Pump.

The new Harnitek R32 heat pump is built for exceptional efficiency & reliability, making it the ideal choice for new and existing heating systems. It is incredibly quiet at just 38dBa when in use. This means the ThermoAIR plus can be installed close to adjacent properties, opening up renewable heating and hot water to almost all properties. The lightweight design of the outdoor units offers flexible installation options.

The SmartHUB Combi.

The SmartHUB combi, contains an integrated 250 litre thermal store, pump, expansion vessels and back up heaters. The system is pre-wired, to further assist in a consistent and quick installation and no Fgas certification is required. ThemoAIR plus and SmartHUB combi installation can be completed in a single day. Minimising disruption and cost for the end user.

Want to know more?

Click on the video to watch the Harnitek Combi SmartHub product overview video. The YouTube channel is full of useful videos regarding all products including self help videos and Installation videos.

Key Features

  • 250l of thermal store

  • Hybrid system ready

  • Easily control Multiple heat sources

  • Multiple flow temps

  • Smart monitoring & remote control

  • Weather compensation

  • Sensors to monitor, flow return and buffer tank temperatures
  • 9kw back up heater

  • Expansion vessel

  • PRV and pressure gauge

  • Circulation pump

  • Thermostatic mixing valve

  • Diverter valve

  • Wiring centre

  • Legionella protection

  • No F-gas required

  • LCD touch screen controls

  • A+++ Rated

  • Ultra quiet 38dba

  • Lightweight, 2 person lift

  • High quality finish

  • Flow Temperatures of up to 60c

  • SCOP 4.3

  • Available in 6kw, 9kw & 12kw heat outputs -Weather compensation

Harnitek Combi SmartHub Packages

Combi SmartHub 6

Combi SmartHub 9

Combi SmartHub 12

Product Downloads

Free Online Monitoring

Both the Harnitek Mono and the Combi units have remote Wi-fi or hardwired monitoring available for the control, programming and maintenance of the heat pump.

The monitoring platform is MYHEATPUMP and is exceptionally detailed. This powerful support to every Harnitek installation allows onsite support to be carried out remotely. The monitoring allows upgrades, weather compensations features, system resetting and even performance optimisation to be remotely carried out.

Installing Harintek heat pumps is extremely simple due to the Mono and Combi units allowing fast, consistent installations. The free monitoring provides customers and installers with the security and safety. It is essential to successfully introducing large scale deployment of heat pumps to have online support and monitoring for installers and end customers. With Harnitek products this is free.

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