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What’s it all about?

Frequently Asked Questions

Please read through our Frequently Asked Questions which will explain all about our monthly prize draws. It’s very easy to enter and there are no catches.

We want everyone in ECO to know who we are. This great prize draw is a great way to get peoples’ attention and it’s a great talking point.

PAS Safe Solutions is such a specialist firm, focussed mainly on the ECO and grant funded market, this is a better way of attracting new clients. We could publish ads in magazines, journals and on the internet but a lot of non ECO people would see them. Because our marketing is so event related, we thought this would be a fun and interactive way for us to attract people who might be interested in our ECO based proposition.

Yes you have to sign up with us and we will send the occasional email. Nothing too onerous and you can opt out at any time. We’ll try and make the content genuinely interesting and relevant and of course, you can see whether you’ve won that month, how close you came and who won what terrific prize. And of course, you can read about what you might win next!

We’re going to run the competition every month throughout 2023. We may even extend it. We also have plans to run special one-off competitions throughout the year. You only have to enter once and you’ll be in the draws until you choose to leave.

Absolutely not. We’ll send you an email, call and make contact with you if you’ve won (unless you’ve ticked the box to say you don’t want to hear from us). We’ll even make arrangements to get it delivered to you. We will ask you for a photo and a few words with permission to have this on our website. In some cases, where for example you’d like to upgrade what you’ve won you can choose to contribute towards the upgrade. We see this as a possibility in the holiday competitions for instance. If you wished to extend the week long holiday you’ve won to a fortnight you can choose to add some money to do so. There’s no silly expensive phone lines to call us on either. We’ll be calling you about your prize. Remember if you haven’t allowed us to contact you or we can’t get hold of you within the time stated, you will forfeit the prize which will go to the next winning number drawn.

In some cases we can arrange to change the prize to something you will like. Other than that you could always sell it. Whatever we deliver will be brand new and will have some good value for you. There is no cash alternative.

You have to register on the website. You must also present the winning card the following Friday after the draw before 5pm. You also must have confirmed the pre-registered details before the number changes for the next competitions. Competition are run on the last Friday every month. If you haven’t agreed to emails from us then we have to rely on you to check the website each week and to make contact with us in the time stated.

Don’t forget that your card, whether it’s multiple cards collected from various events across the years or just the one, has every chance of being a winner as all our cards, no matter how old are still in the computerised system. Some people have said they’re going to pool their cards and propose to share the prizes.

The competition only started in November 2023 so there haven’t any winners yet. When there is you can see them by clicking here.

The rules can be found by clicking here.

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All of these services are in-house and accessible. Whatever your requirement, if you’re working with PAS Safe, we’ll put one of our experts on the case and you’ll have your answers in no time. It’s no wonder we’ve got many established players in ECO working with us alongside newer businesses to ECO. Where else can you benefit from such a broad range of advice and support from one dedicated partner?

What our clients have to say

“PAS Safe are a key element of our delivery team. The right products, at the right prices with the very best service and technical support. PAS Safe have been there every step of the way in our success in ECO…”

“My main observation is that they’re always looking for new ideas to support us installers working on the front line. You can’t say that about all the people who provide materials for this industry.”

“The service and customer first approach is ten out of ten. I’ve got my own dedicated Account Manager who does everything I need for me to get my job done which is a great help.”

“PAS Safe Solutions are an essential part of our business.”